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HVAC systems are one of the most important features in any home. While the HVAC system may not be imposing or noticeable, a malfunction of the system will be most noticeable due to the disruption of air circulation. The propagation of energy-efficient buildings is not restricted to the outward aspect of the building alone, it also encompasses the internal aspect of the building and this includes the HVAC system. A well-designed and installed HVAC system can ensure proper ventilation and air circulation as well as comfort in the home. The quality of HVAC installation may impact the building sustainability and energy efficiency both in the short and long run. An average HVAC system consumes a sizeable chunk of the electricity units in a household but this electricity consumption rate can be trimmed down under the right circumstances. Certain indicators can determine or influence energy consumption rate and these include; climate and usage profiles and preferences. New innovations and designs in HVAC technology should incorporate sustainability trends.
A programmable thermostat can help to enhance the sustainability of the HVAC system. This is because the installation of the thermostat will ensure that the HVAC system works less to produce a cozy temperature compared to when a thermostat had not been installed. Since the thermostat is programmable, it can be programmed to turn off automatically thereby conserving energy. Another strategy is to embark on the change of the air filter of the HVAC system from time to time. HVAC filters can trap dirt which can also restrict airflow and result in the system having to dissipate more effort to achieve its normal output. This can also result in increased energy consumption as well as air pollution which can put the health of members of the household in jeopardy if the error is not corrected. Hence, it is recommended to change the air filters from time to time. Finally, it is beneficial for the owner to embark on regular maintenance of the system. Regular maintenance can enhance the durability and optimal performance because faults will be easily detected at an early stage and rectified before it grows even further and results in a breakdown of the machine. 


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